Block Lines invisible in viewport Perspective?

Hello everyone.

U knows what happen with block lines in wireframe viewport?
every time i create a block the lines wont appear on screen. it seam to depend the point of view. What problem could it be? What solution can I do to solve this issue?

thanks to all possible answers.

Can you post an example model?


Please have a look at the TRELLIS upside. They are in “hidden” lines, but there aren`t anythink in front of them.

I hope you can make a zoom on this drawing.

It is suppose to look like the near trellis above, instead, it appear like hidden line… This happens on “TECHNICAL” display mode.

this are the same file, but in “HM2_Illustration” Display mode. This “mode” is from VisualARQ.

Can you see some “rests” of block in the middle and right under!??!?

this is the same file again. “Display Mode” customized by me. All whites, without shadows and lights… Here the problem is that horizontal slabs are not transparent. But in this perspectic view, the lines at the bottom pass trough the slabs. The other issue is, that steel columns appear just right on it as to be… but if I change to “SHADE” display mode, they disappear again…have a look on the picture downside…

Please note, that I have the SHADOWS turn on at the OPTION PANEL…