How to Dimension Grid Lines?

These Dimensionned grid lines are coplanar with a slab so the lines don’t print where that slab is, even in Wireframe mode.

When I move the lines down 20mm, new dimensions are added by Rhino, and some are changed.

I am redoing and undoing the move of the lines in the gif below. (They’re moved when they’re highlit.):

I can’t tell what’s going on. I’d dimension them in Layout Space, but those dimensions shift every time I activate the View Window. (There’s another post trying to get to the bottom of that.)

Update. This turns out to be an issue with dimension strings including VirtualArq objects. I have summed up the set of issues at what is at this point the most current post in this string:

@djhg as I’ve commented in the other thread, this issue has to do when creating dimensions snapped to blocks. Since VisualARQ objects are blocks, these issue affects dimensioning VisualARQ objects, but it also happens with VisualARQ disabled, when insertin dimensions that snap to blocks and 2D geometry.