Lights in rhino

I im struggling with my light setting in rhino 5 for mac for a very simple render (It is my first try). I have played around with lights (which i find quit hard to controle!) and suddenly the model was all black in the render, like there were no light at all!
Any one in here who knows how to fix it?

I was also looking for a ‘skylight’ tool to make a softer light, but couldn’t find it… Does it exist at all? and if no - how do I then make a natural indirect ‘skylight’?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Check out this video on rendering in Rhino for Mac for some tips on how to setup lighting for a product rendering, it may help.

If you still have an issue with the lights and/or the skylight after that, please post your 3dm plus example renderings to show your questions and I’ll try to help more.

I use rectangular lights a lot. They produce a much softer, more natural effect than a spotlight.