Mac Render, Default Lighting Scheme

Hi there, I have a question about scene lighting in Rhino Mac.
I’ve attached 2 renders using the same materials background etc. I’ve waded through all the setting I can find, which as far as I can tell are identical. Somehow though the rendered images differ, one looking pretty over exposed. The other seems to be lit from the lower right. Default lighting is used in both ( no created lights ).

I’ve run into this before with renders looking over exposed, but can’t for the life of me recall what setting I used. So I have 2 requests really.

Help figuring out what setting I’ve missed to cause the over exposure and how I got a lower right lighting effect would be apprciated !

Is there a way to save a default scheme ?


Figured it out. I found a hidden point light. For posterity and others that might run into the same issue. The Properties panel allows the light color and intensity to be controlled. Can’t beleive I spent all day trying figure this out !