Rhino 6 for Mac Lighting

Hi, loving the WIP. Crashed a few times but the new features are awesome. Can anyone recommend a Rhino 6 lighting tutorial, that doesn’t use Vray. I want to just use Rhino Render. Thanks in advance

Would you be OK with using the Raytraced mode that comes with v6?

yes for sure, not really sure what it is all about, I switched to that view and it crashed a few times, when it didn’t it was so slow and delayed that it was unusable…My file is admittedly 1gb and spread of 10,000m2 lol

I think on the mac you should consider switching to a Raytraced view only once you want to actually ‘render’. I find the Mac machines much underpowered compared to a regular desktop with say a GTX 1060 GPU in. If you want visual feedback while still working on your model you may gain performance by setting RhinoCycles.DpiScale under Preferences » Advanced. Values from 2 to 4 work pretty good withour becoming too blocky - these are essentially the pixel size. Make the change before switching to Raytraced. When you are done don’t forget to switch back to 1 before raytracing your final image.

Anyway, you may want to start by using the Skylight. If you want you can pick a custom skylight environment from one of the envs bundled, or create one if you have EXR/HDR files you want to use.

Add extra lights for accent. Remember that Rhino primitive lights have constant energy, so you must take that into account. For softer shadows look into using rectangular lights.

Note that the size if rectangular and cylindrical lights affect the light strength. Bigger means more light, but also softer edges. Play with intensity to find a balance.

If you want to light more indirectly, i.e. sun through a window, you can change under Preferences » Cycles the diffuse bounces amount. Already 3 and 4 will give a lot more light. I’d keep it low for speed, since a lot higher doesn’t gain that much IMO.

Further look at books and tutorials about lighting in general. Whilst not maybe 1:1 it still should translate well in many cases.

Edit: it would be good to know what render device is selected (Preferences » Cycles)

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Thanks for taking the time to help mate. I happily work in the render mode/wireframe. I was having big problems with shadows until I put in a huge ground plane which bounced a lot more light brightening up the underside of my cantilevered concrete ceilings. Now 6 has the option of ground plane however my model is a property beside a road going down a hill and around a bend so the architecture follows the natural land profile which I built out of a whole bunch of surfaces which I joined. A huge learning curve on creating surfaces using all the sfc tools. Im not ready to spit out a finished render yet, I still haven’t set up cameras, trying to finish the model first as I need to start generating workshop drawings. The renders are for marketing. I am working in 5.4 again now as WIP is a little buggy for some things. Ill play with the settings you suggested later today. I’ll let you know how I go. As for tutorials, WIP is too early for anything and most if not ALL tutorials on Rhino 6 Windows are using Vray. I would go down that path if I was on Windows but stuck with Rhino Render for now. Thanks again

Yes, there was a warning about that (:

But any crash report you can send in when you tinker with v6 every now and then will help a lot.

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@BrianJ do you have any tutorials on lighting in Rhino for Raytraced? Or just Rhino Render for that matter?

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In Rhino 5 for Mac using Rhino Render, this simple workflow might help…

For an architectural scene, I would use a directional light or the Rhino sun as well.

Here are some videos for Rhino 6 too… the majority of what is shown should be working in the Rhino 6 for Mac WIP as well.

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Cheers Brian, I had found and watched a couple of these already, will go through them all. Thank you again so much guys for the help.


If you have access to Lynda.com you might find this tutorial useful.


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cheers thanks for that I will check it out.