Rendering in Rhino Wip

first question here: i bought a Macbook Pro M2 and use Rhino 7 and 8beta but the renders are terrible.
Even with no lights , sun, etc : rhino render is too bright. Legay render is ok but flat as my wife’s chest. No texturing whatsoever… what to do?

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divorce and find a new one

so i checked now, i am a bit confused myself, the legacy and the regular render does not seem to make a difference and they both look rather flat compared to what i was used to, when i set to a different render (bella) but use raytraced view the result looks more like it again, there is something going on.

but please post an image of what you are seeing. maybe turning skylight off would also be a step into the right direction, but without seeing what you see its pretty difficult.

this is the best i could do today, very bad… looks childish 3D

also, my god, i do not know what i did but all my toolbars are gone and i can’t get them back (8Wip for mac)

To me that looks like poorly set up lighting.

yes indeed. I used rhino render and lights were really minimal to not get too bright…
Gamma is subtle too, it changes the contrast a lot… i’m just starting.Can’t find a decent tuto on lighting for rhino 7 /8 mac

This rendering section probably can get you started: Rhino - Learn to use Rhino

thanks. i’ll put in the time. I’m just under pressure to develop some acceptable 3D renders of this scene for a client but i’m afraid my learning curve will be too slow. Willing to pay if someone wants to have a go at it! i can send the file : easy for a pro… would you?

Not at the moment, focused on Rhino 8 code of Raytraced and Rhino Render :slight_smile:

Anyway, here an old test scene I did for Rhino 7 release, this time rendered in Rhino 8 Beta. A late afternoon at a desk.

good luck, beautiful by the way… Hope i can get to that level one day. Coudl i have the original to study the settings or is that too much asked? here’s my work (real world stuff )

If you post your scene, it looks like a fun thing to play with.

If you can post your scene here, maybe someone can look at it. You’d need to disclose the materials.

I’d have a go, but it wouldn’t be in cycles, and certainly no guarantees!

Hey david, no problem , all is welcome.; it’s for a small future museum , to be build , in Belgium and there’s actually a glass window in front of the cabinet . It’s a display setup , they can exhibit stuff when they lower the ‘doors’…and put stuff on display. As you can see , i didn’t draw the glass window in front…
vitrine irregular.3dm (10.3 MB)

materials are simply birch plywood and galvanised steel…

One of the first things I have never understood is Point Lights. I believe that they should be banned by some form of international convention.

It’s not massively better, as I didn’t have too much time, but we can begin by deleting all lights, and using just two to start with; the Sun and a single Rectangular light. Recangular light is at one end of your rectangular space, and is nearly default, just to get started.

As you are in a room, we can set the camera arbitrarily, and change the focal length, just to add a bit more drama I guess:


I always measure the distance from the camera, and where I placed it it happened to be:


I set the resolution to something I understand:

Sun settings:

Grabbed a PBR from AmbientCG, and applied it to the floor (Tiles078). The rest of your materials were the same for Cycles.

Just set Cycles on the go. This was merely an attempt to “unflatten” your render. In reality, I don’t know what you are looking for to finish. I’d change the focus distance in my result (doh!), of course, but it was meant to exemplify. Applied Tone Mapping: “Filmic” at “Medium Contrast”.

For fun, I also modified various bits of the scene, materials, made some lights, and shamelessly threw it through Bella render as well, as it didn’t take long to do to this level:

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Wow, thanks a milion! so much information! i’ll definetely try to use blender in the future.
I read that it’s free but complicated. So much to learn…
I wasz actually looking for a very cold concrete interior : like this

For what it is worth: the Cycles engine from Blender is what is integrated into Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 as Raytraced and Rhino Render (by me).

Yeah. Definitely no need to use Blender. Except the second render, this is all Rhino 8 native rendering.

Actually, I try and avoid Blender, because I find it too confusing, with too many buttons.

that makes my life easier, i’ll do tests all day and show you results later. Sooo much thanks for your time and good advice!

Where can one get some lightweight 3D props like people and cars to make a scene look lived in, or give scale? I tried adding a free car I found on the Net and it was >500GB, apparently a realistic take on every piece of a real-world car. Rhino WIP hung overnight trying to paste it into my project.

Any tips where I should look for people to add to scenes and furniture, or cars or cats or the like? Need scale, not realism!

Thanks so much.