Lighting dimmed when using Sun and other Rhino lights

Hi there,
Experiencing an issue where my renders with only sunlight on looks accurate. However, when I turn on linear and rectangular lights, the whole scene appears significantly dimmer.
Anyone experience this and have a solution?

Here are my specs.

2019 Macbook Pro
2.4GHz 8‑core Intel Core i9
AMD Radeon 5600m 8 GB
Rhino 7.9.21222.15002, 2021-08-10

Thanks in advance.

Hello - is this true in any file? I just tested an ultra simple scene and I do not get this effect so far in Rendered display mode.


Looks like just for that file. Tested on a simple box with openings and looks like it’s rendering correctly. The house is rendered at 200 samples, think it needs to sample more, like 600?

Hello - if you are using a full render or raytraced mode, adjust the tone mapping in the Post-effects area.
Does that do any good? Sorry, I was thinking of rendered display mode in my previous test and comments,


No worries!
So I tested it again with the interior lights and Sun on. Adjusted the Logarithmic settings in Tone Mapping and looks much better but noticed two discrepancies.

  1. It seems to create a 2nd shadow under the deck and the surrounding concrete. Verified there are no exterior lights to cast the 2nd shadow.
  2. The lighting on the scale figure looks more washed out and orange whereas the Sun only version looks more accurate. No matter how I changed the Logarithmic setting, it would get brighter but more washed out after tinkering with exposure, Bias, and Contrast.

Hello - the lower image looks like there is an ambient sort of shadow under the porch that is broken by light coming from inside the building through the windows there, maybe? - does that make any sense with your model and lighting?


Ah, ok. So I tested it with the 2nd and 1st fl lights on separately and appears the 1st fl lights do cast a “shadow” of sorts. Strange since it’s also casting a shadow on the side and back of the house where there are no windows. I’ll just do 2 renderings with different lighting conditions and composite them for the best look.
Thanks Pascal.