Light reflection on floor at roughness=1?

I have a floor for my scene that is just a rectangle in Rhino with a gradient falloff as my opacity mask.

The material has a metalicness of 0 and a roughness of 1. How come there are still light reflections? There shouldn’t be any visible light reflections at those settings !?

I am not sure what is happening here, but my guess is that you ran into the oldest bug in our backlog, which turns out to by quite mysterious… It seems that internalized values for the ShapeDiverMaterial components are sometimes ignored. Therefore, instead of right-clicking on the inputs of the component to set the values and internalize them in it, you should explicitely connect a component (for example a panel) with the value you want to use.

Our apologies for the issue, and let me know if this is indeed the problem you are facing. Our developers are investigating this bug.

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Yes, that was it, thank you!