Wrong reflections with new viewer

I created the scene and add custom environment in order to get reflections on glass.
Reflections from the environment can bee seen on shapediver page ShapeDiver but not on the same scene embeded via iftame on this website: L-Form rechts | G. Meier AG | Online Konfigurator

Another question: I have a carpet that have metalness value 0 and roughness 1. If ShapeDiver have physically correct materials ( PBR materials) it shouldn’t have any reflection on it and shouldn’t change the colour. However, if I change custom envirnment it can be ssen that carpet change colorur according to respecting HDRI. Even ground floor receive some color. Something is wrong with that.

We could reproduce this issue and we are looking into it, thanks for reporting it.

The environment map is not only used for reflections in viewer 3, it is used for lighting. Therefore whatever colors are present in your map will create colored light sources that influence the geometry, even if the geometry is not reflective. This is the expected behaviour for this new feature. You could switch to a black and white environment if you do not want this to happen.