How to get light reflection of gloss tiles on a surface

Hi, i am very new to render and I am trying to do some light reflection test right now. I want to render a reflection like this (my physical test) on rhino or vray (Ideally prefer rhino if possible). Any suggestion of how to do it please? I apply gloss tile material in rhino and it is not show any reflection.


Hi @Elle,

It would be much easier to advise you if you had uploaded your test model so we could see what’s what.

Is this what you expect: You shine a spotlight onto a tile and see reflections on the surface on which the tile rests and on the backdrop? If you think about the direction of the light, your viewpoint is off axis, so if the surfaces are smooth you won’t get any light reflecting into your eye. You need surfaces that disperse the light in order to achieve that. Choose a material that causes dispersion and apply that to the base and backdrop.

How does that work out for you?


Hi Elle - if you are looking to cast light by reflecting it, Rhino does not currently support that (‘caustics’)


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Hi Pascal, do you have any suggestion if any plugin could help? (Vray or enscape?) If that type of reflection is not work, a simple light reflection would still help me a lot.

Hi Jeremy
Thank you for your suggestion! I changed IOR and roughness for backdrop material but nothing happen. (please correct me if this is the right thing to do to create dispersion)
You are correct, what I am trying to do is to change the material property in rhino until I get a outcome as similar as possible to my physical test. I have a physical test of different light reflection I got by casting light at different angle on a tile (I also attached a picture herewith). Then, I want to create as similar reflection outcome as close to my physical test as possible on render. So that, I can apply that material property into the tiles in my building project.
If that type of reflection is not possible to do, only simple lighting reflection on the wall would still help me a lot.

I also attached the rhino file here, thank you so much for your time.

Elle rhino light reflection test on tile.3dm (3.6 MB)

As said, no light reflection like that in Rhino Render / Raytraced at present.

At most you get indirect light bounces, but I don’t think that it does what you want.

Be sure to check out this recent post I made: Rhino 8 Architectural Perspective Renderings for Reflective surfaces - #4 by nathanletwory

Hi Elle,

Sorry for slow response but my motherboard died and I’m waiting for the replacement, so no rendering for me at present.

If photorealistic reflections are important to you then you will need to explore alternative renderers. I’d suggest taking a look at Bella which is is available for unlimited evaluation on Rhino (albeit with a resolution constraint and a watermark).


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Thank you Nathan!

No worry Jeremy, Im try to see and learn how vray could work with caustic right now. Thank you for Bella plugin suggestion, I will give it a try!

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Be sure to try bella render. The demo version has a minimum of restrictions (max. FULLHD and a small watermark). Don’t forget to set the Atlas solver. It has full caustic.