V8 Beta can't get a license

Greetings John,
I am having this exact issue with my login with Rhino 8 Beta on an Apple. Please advise - thank you very much

This is not the same issue, but the symptoms are similar.
That topic was for Rhino V6 and V7.
Piggybacking onto it for a V8 Beta question was a mistake.
I’ve split it off as a new topic.

I see your V7 license is in the Personal licenses in your login account.
I’m guessing you are not on the same computer as V7.
Are you logging in to your account where the V7 license is?


Gotcha, thank you for splitting this to a new topic.

I am on the same Apple computer that I’ve been using Rhino 7.
But I receive the exact same window errors in Login as the previous user?

1st window - Your account has a license ready to use.
2nd - License not found. Rhino will now exit.

But Rhino 7 gets a license and runs on that computer?

Correct, Rhino 7 works just fine here.

In addition - Under Options - I entered my License Key

The window appeared Float license between computers? yes
It took me to your website recognized me… then declined.

You added one or more licenses to your Rhino account. Do you want to keep using Rhino 7 here?

Your V7 license is in your account so you should JUST LOGIN.
Don’t enter the V7 key in any other place!

Right, when I login and enter my email, I am recognized.

Followed by, license not found? Rhino will now exit.

Try this in Mac V8 Beta:

Then restart and Login.

Any luck?

If you can’t get to that dialog, try this:

  1. Start Rhino V7
  2. Logout (closes Rhino)
  3. Start V8 Beta
  4. Login
  5. Close V8 Beta
  6. Start V7

I am able to reach that dialog - and chose Remove license and restarted.
Unfortunately, with no luck?

Try the 2nd “logout” option please.

Are you trying to join the andy payne workshop by chance?

Ok John, 2nd “logout” option failed.

After logging out of Rhino 7 - logged back into 7 with no issues.
Login took me to your website and I had to enter my password = success

Beta 8 - During login I am not being steered to your website for my password?

And no Kyle - I am not trying to join the Andy Payne workshop.

Did you download the V8 Beta from our site, or did you get it from some other source?
I’m trying to determine the type of license the V8 Beta is looking for and not finding.

Wrong order…
Actually, I wanted you to logout of V7, then login using the V8 Beta.

Yes, I downloaded from your website.

( Wrong order…
Actually, I wanted you to logout of V7, then login using the V8 Beta. )

I did exactly as you instructed…

  • Start Rhino V7
  • Logout (closes Rhino)
  • Start V8 Beta
  • Login
  • Close V8 Beta
  • Start V7

But once V8 would not let me in, I went back to 7, to see if that would allow me to login? out of curiosity?

Okay. I must have misunderstood your reply.

One last ‘Hail Mary’…

Here are the files that I believe would need to be deleted manually to reset licensing in Rhino 8:

  • “/Users//Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/8.0/License Manager/Licenses”
  • “/Users//Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/8.0/ra_cache.txt”
  • “/Users/Shared/McNeel/Rhinoceros/8.0/License Manager/Licenses”

Then start V8 and see what happens.

Alright, I don’t have any of those files?
I can see a version for 7 but not for 8?

I erased the 7 License below…
“/Users/Shared/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/License Manager/Licenses”
Then tried to open Beta 8 with same results, fail.

Then was able to login to 7 again.

I have an update for you here John… This issue was on my side.

I did a clean install, and wiped my machine clean. After that, I was able to login to Beta 8 today.

Thank you for your support, appreciated