Nightmare continues! rhino v6 license file issue


just got hold of my new pc… ultra fast and huge! I bought this becuase cant get rhino v6 to run on my old pc windows 7. I think theres a systems thing stopping it form working on my old machine however i uninstalled it on the old machine. I still have however rhino v5 on old machine.

I tried to install v6 on my new pc now. However it tells me I am still running it on my old pc (if only i was).

Is it refering to the lic for v5 you think on my old machine so not allowing v6 to run on new pc? if so that would be odd?

Wanted to slowly install all my software and get it up and running before dropping my old pc out of the window. Hoping i dont have to struggle between machines now.

Any advise please?



Sounds like something went wrong when you removed the license from the old machine the removal did not get transmitted to the McNeel verification server for some reason. You should contact to ask them to have a look - or @John_Brock if you’re reading, can you check?

I would suggest you do not install the license locally to avoid this problem but instead use the Cloud Zoo - but that is just a suggestion.

Did you contact McNeel Sales in your region?
This is easily and quickly sorted.


i did a live chat,

at first they did nt believe me that it wasn’t all uninstalled on my old pc i think for what ever reason it was saying it was! Maybe this point is something to do with why it wound nt open without crashing on my old pc i think something somehow was in the wrong place or something.

But i was requested to send pics of programmes then maybe they unlocked it or something as now thankfully

its working so I very very big thank you.

My new machine is so big and heavy I could hardly carry it upstairs! It seems totally fast and amazing so far. I just continue to upgrade software and install it. I just bought keyshot v8 was on v6… tempted to buy the interactive animation for websites that’s an add on but a little costly but maybe in a week or so!

I love rhino by the way totally great, looking forward to using it on the new pc now.

You know i tend to stick with the tools in rhino that I ve used for a very long time and I know theres a load of new stuff on there. Do you have resources in tutorials as to how some of the new stuff is used or maybe its more trial and error?

thanks for checking up,


I’m glad you’re sorted and running again.
The Features page on the Rhino Web site is designed specifically to show you the new tools, enhancements, and changes in V6.
There is a top level overview, and then you can drill down on more detail for the things that you find of interest.