Logic of Which Team to Pull License (Domain Linked, Multiple Teams)

I have a couple questions regarding managing users, licenses, and teams:

Scenario 1:
Team A - 10 licenses of Rhino 7 - 20 members added to team (all with email @microsolresources.com)
Team B - 10 licenses of Rhino 7 - Domain Linked (microsolresources.com)

When a member of Team A opens the software for the first time and logs in with their email, will it prioritize pulling the license from Team A, despite having an email with the same domain as the domain linked Team B?

Scenario 2:
Team A - 5 licenses of Rhino 7
Team B - 1 license of Rhino 7

User A is a member of both teams and assume that when they login it pulls a license from Team B. Will it prevent other users that are only in Team B from accessing any more licenses (even though another license is available for User A in Team A)?