Licence for version 7

please explain to me about Rhino license. I install license key - it is so confused but finally i got it to remove the ‘trails renaming days’ NO EXPIRATION- so it accepted my license key. When I try to create tools path by click on ‘post processor ICON’ - IT SAID: LICENSE INVALID 🙁??? red circle top left corner ‘not in trails mode’ ---- but look at the red circle in the middle of the screen ’ can not use Post processor ’ invalid license’ - make no scene

Looks like you have an educational license for Rhino 7.

Do you have a license installed for RhinoCAM?


What do you mean??? I am new and just get involve with Rhino last week and decide to get the Rhino 7 student version. That is all I know - I did not know i Have t buy Rhino CAM. - can you give me info about what you are talking about - Thanks

I am so confused. I bought Rhino 7 — I bought MADCAM 7 5X plugin for Rhino 7 - I am new on both of these software - just start to lran on them last week - I am so confuse ’ I hope I do not have to buy RhinoCam - MAdcam told me that is all I need Rhino & MADCAM — what do I need to do?

I don’t know anything about madCAM or RhinoCam. I see they are both in the Rhino Menu on your screen capture

It looks like the errors you are seeing are coming from RhinoCAM because it is running in demo mode.

If you have a license for madCAM, you should try using it instead of RhinoCAM.


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Sorry but how do you not know where your RhinoCAM trial version came from? It’s a completely different CAM product from MADCAM, neither of which come with your Rhino demo. I wouldn’t really recommend barreling into making toolpaths with CAM software you can’t even identify that you have installed. You frankly need to take this CAM stuff a bit more seriously, it’s not like 3D printing, if you don’t know what you’re doing it will actually, really, seriously injure you.


Rhino and RhinoCAM are two different products created by different companies (McNeel and Mecsoft). So If you don’t own license for RhinoCAM, it will run in demo mode.

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This is correct, if you have to create toolpath to work with cnc you need a CAD and a CAM software.
Rhino (CAD) seems to be installed and working correctly, the CAM side is a little bit confused… uninstall RhinoCAM evaluation (so you are sure not to make confusion on which CAM you are using) and contact MADCAM team to solve the license problem (probably they’ll say to uninstall MADCAM and install again).

Agree, milling the wrong path can make a lot of damages and be really dangerous!

No I do not have RhinoCAM (ONLY RHINO 7 & CAD)b ---- I do have registered license for MADCAM 7- 5X ---- I decide to use MADCAM instead of RhinoCAM (I got MADCAM 7 5X version way cheaper than RhinoCam which I can’t afford even with the student version ( they do have subcription for annually but it costs clsoe to 1,700 - 2900 a year depend on how many seat (minimum is 5 seats) — so MADCAM is my choice. — I guess I now have to read on MADCAM and watch video tutorails for MADCAM

Of course - I am not into 3D printing but ---- 3D sculpture ‘carving bust / statues’ — I have a SO3 XXL 3 axis from Carbide3d ---- I have some experience LOL - thanks for the advise

You are very correct - going to work on MADCAM now ( youtube tutorials LOL) - searching for classes on MADCAM but not successful - So i have to take it on my own - there are a few tutorials on youtube about MADCAM - but they are so advanced and I am struggling to learn what and how to do MADCAM

Umm, in your screenshot, it is loaded on your machine and the panels and error message come from it. It may only be a demo or trial version, but you do have it. The error message arose because you were using it (not Madcam).

I’d recommend uninstalling Rhinocam to avoid further confusion…

MADCAM is a plugin for Rhino ( you can not run MADCAM by itself ) — Just for your info

I am slowly but surely found the path - posted in for help and here is what they told me to get start - I did this last week but have no idea when watching the tutorial video ’ i did not know how to use Rhino - so I was going crazy and frustrate - Today I get better using Rhino 7 - SO I am going to explore MADCAM with this MADCAM video tutorials using Rhino 7

Yes, I know. So is RhinoCAM. I recommended you uninstall RhinoCAM, not Rhino.


I never installed Rhinocam at all - I installed MADCAM 1st - then I installed RHINO 7 - Rhino 7 detected MADCAM plugin for me automatically

Well someone did! It’s all over your own screenshot:

WOW - thanks for helping me to pin point the issue - I am not sure ’ like I said - i just learn Rhino & MADCAM since last week for the 1st time and bought these 2 licensee - YOU are right somehow RhinoCAM was installed when I installed trails version - i am going to find out how to UN-install RhinoCAM - Will update you :grinning:

I just went into tool / option and disable RhinoCAM - it is now removed - get to go to daily Mass and when I get back I will trying to see what is going on - I felt so DUMS