Invalid License Key

I created my account 12/4/2021 and downloaded Rhino 7 but when I enter the license code, it says it is invalid or disabled???

Looks like you have been enjoying multiple evaluation periods since November 2020, even though you are allowed only one. That it was possible doesn’t mean that is ok. Recently this loophole was plugged.

Since it looks like you want to use Rhino I invite you to visit Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros and acquire a full license to continue on your Rhino journey. Note that if you are a student you could be eligible for a big discount to an EDU license. Such a license is perpetual, like all full licenses, and can be used for commercial work even after you graduate.

i wonder who encourages you to come to the discourse page to complain about that? there have been so many instances recently, i would say that is becoming impossible that all end up here. so why?

are you from some sort of school, university, some other institution?

I think the message you get when it tells you your license key is invalid might be to check in here, with a link. Not 100% sure about that as I have not had an invalid license yet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i believe you, and knowing that you were/still are a reseller that should make it even more clear!


people seem to be outraged about this impossibility themselves with a neverending persistence.

so i wonder, are they all hooked up to the same computer in a school and even though everybody has their own new account with their own email address does Rhino/Mc Neel maybe disallow installation on the same computer?

I think they’re coming from lots of different places, as witnessed by many Asian and other non-English language posts here. As I have stated before the previous “workarounds” probably circulated widely in the worldwide student community and maybe even on various social media feeds…

maybe, but all these users begin with user**** so they must be all on the same page, or is there a common worldwide practice to automatically register their pupils/student at discourse with a randomised user**** name? i at least have never heard of it, but i also have not shown up at my university in a while, might all have changed with covid.

but thinking about it again, mcneel people see the serials linked to the account here, so are the usernames here maybe used by different people? maybe there is some general confusion and the people dont even know of it… just trying to analyse.

No. Discourse recently changed the default user name to be user*** because the old system made it very easy to guess the eMail address of new users. This is completely unrelated to Rhino or licensing.


Huh that would be interesting to know. I’ve seen ONE person asking about this on a different forum. The logic of “I’ve been scamming the trial system and it’s no longer working, I wonder why…hmm, I guess I’ll just play dumb and ask on the official support page” is a bit hilarious.

Sorry guys, advertisers know so much about us people think they’re actually listening in on our phones, you think it’s that hard to figure out when the same person is trying to download a extra evaluation with a different email address? I wonder if it’s using actual Google AdSense data or whatnot…?

Why do you send these people a license key that does not work?

You should just send them an e-mail explaining that they have already used their free trial and they need to purchase a license or contact sales if they think this is an error.

Might cut down the un-necessary traffic in the forums.


This is certainly an obvious question.

@brian: Is there more to it? It sounds like something you would already be doing.

see these responsen from McNeel, seems like it’s working out and its best to ignore these posts unless you are part of the RMA:

Someone just posted the actual dialog that comes up when this happens. I suppose it could be a little more clear, but it’s pretty darn close, with the huge stupid crying emoji practically screaming “ha ha pay up sucker”…maybe if it was a crying pirate??

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Because we can’t actually tell until after they try to use it with Rhino. It turns out it’s really easy to create zillions of new email addresses each day, and there’s nothing about our system that can associate with - even if it were obvious to humans that they’re all the same person (it’s not obvious).

According to some idiots on Reddit it seems some people are still able to get extra trials.