License Rhinoceros 5.0

how do i unregistered license rhinoceros 5.0?

Hellp me to solve this case,


Why do you feel that you need to do this?
From your other post, I assume this is because your license has been validated too many times - did you get in touch with about this?

Dear Wim,

I just wanted to move my license to another computer.
because I know there is a limit to the validation Rhinoceros, I do not want my license too many validated.


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You should be able to install Rhino on as many computers as you have in your possession. There are some safeguards built in to try and fight abuse but that should not normally cause issues. The fact that you do get a ‘too many times’ message can be a false positive but the only ones being able to do anything about this are at Please contact them.

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