License Key not valid

Hey I would like to use the free trial for Rhino 7 but the License Key I got send to my E-Mail doesn`t work. Somehow it says the Key is not valid and I already tried to reinstall the version. Does anybody else have that problem or am I doing something wrong?

pls help!!
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Why do so many user* have problems with licenses?

Please do not post license keys here! (valid or not)… Please edit your post (pencil icon) and remove the image from it.

sorry :grimacing:

McNeel has recently closed a loophole which allowed people to have more than one 90 day eval period for free.

Have you downloaded the eval version for V7 previously? Was the first time more than 90 days ago? If so your trial period has expired and you will need to buy a license if you want to continue using Rhino…


Parasites gotta buy a license now.

It pisses me off that people even have the courage to post on this forum with such license questions.

There might be some, for sure. However, many people just do not understand the system and just need to be educated/informed. I do not assume bad intentions unless proved.

I think I tried Rhino 6 before a couple of years ago but I think not even with my current E-Mail Adress and I already applied for the educational version but kinda afraid know that won´t work either. Just needed to start my project today and thought it would work till I have the full version.

Well, the loophole that was closed was the same people trying to get a second (or third, or tenth) 90 day period by changing e-mail addresses.

However if you have never had a V7 eval, you should be able to use one once. Having had a V6 eval doesn’t count in this regard. Please contact directly to find out what is wrong.

That should also work if your educational credentials are valid. McNeel (or the reseller) checks them first, so it sometimes takes a couple of days. Here are the criteria for qualifying for an edu version: Rhino - Educational Proof of Status

Of course, you still do have to buy an educational license, they are not free.

ok thank you so much!

For context, I see the initial evaluation license for user457 expired in April.
Subsequent to that, I see a total of 7 eval licenses and 8 different email addresses used in attempts to circumvent our 1 eval license limit.

I invite you to purchase a permanent license at:

If you’re a student or faculty, then use the Students and Faculty tab for reduced pricing and proof of EDU status requirements. EDU licenses are permanent, have no maintenance fees, and can be used for commercial work when you leave school. EDU licenses are 80% off compared to a Commercial license.
If you do not buy a license now and need one after you are no longer a student, it will cost $1,000.

Selling Rhino licenses is how we pay for development, tech support, employee salaries, and to feed and house our families.

Is that too much to ask?

@user457 really ?

Geez… I am virtually certain that this kind of info (how to get more than one eval period) circulates widely in schools and universities. A little like how cracked versions did (and still do). I have seen professors or teaching assistants actually pass out cracked versions to their students.

And much of this has to do with the mentality that everything should be extremely cheap or free (software or physical products), and not bothering to think about what happens at the other end of the chain of production and the people who actually work to produce the products.

To be fair, 5 of the 7 additional license requests all occurred on the same day.
The user did successfully use two 90-day evaluation licenses before the loop hole was closed.

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As I said I already bought the license but tried everything to start already because I wanted to finish my project. McNeel said it would take a couple of days to verify that. Tried way to hard today obviously because of being afraid it won´t work even with the bought version. I don´t wanna insult anybody here! Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you anyways!

If you started an order for an EDU license; which requires proof of EDU status, then that proof needs to be verified during business hours.
Since it’s the weekend, no one will see it until Monday.

Commercial licenses do not require proof of status and are filled automatically.

That said, I do not see any new pending orders associated with the email address you are using here on the Forums.

If you placed an order with a regional reseller, I would not be able to see that order.

Yes I started an order for an EDU license and send them proof from my university. Does that mean it didn´t work or do I just have to wait now? I orderd on the McNeel link form the Rhino website.

That explains it.
I can only see orders placed with us.
My guess is your UNI Book store sells EDU licenses at a better price that we do, so we won’t see any details of that order or resulting license until you add it to your login account and start using it.

Since Rhino V7 has been running on your computer until now, I’m not worried there will be any problem once you have a valid license.

Thanks for purchasing a license.

Ok thank you very much! That´s reassuring!