Learning Rhino - learning user Video-Thread

I think, it would be a good idea, to start a new thread here with screencapture-Vids from learning people like me. professionell working people could see here the problems, newcomers have - to learn the new program-work-syntax.

For me - i had problems to find the right keystrokes for using the gumball-tool to work right with it.

Here are some of my first tries: I tried to make the geometry for a geodesic-dome according to Fuckminster Fuller.

This first Vids are in german, but You can turn off the sound - because iits much easier for me to comment in german.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm3C4t8rRgg Part one

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EWHzhc56HI Part two

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pS-nItak58 Part three

It would be intersting to see, how much more experienced users would solve such things…

Eeeeehhh… Heimo, the name is Buckminster Fuller. I am sure that was a typo, no fan of BF’s geodesic structures (like me) would do such a thing intentional.


I made this in Rhino sometime ago:

My geodesic structure is a lower degree than yours, this is the basic shape:

I am not very proficient in making video’s, so I will try to describe it. I started with a circle of the desired diameter of the geodesic sphere, and divided it in ten segments. Using the chord of one segment i constructed a pentagon with Polygon, option Edge all in 2D so far.
Next, I constructed a circle perpendicular to the base edge, through the side corner. I then mirrored this circle using a line from the sphere center to the midpoint of the next segment of the base circle. The intersect point of these two vertical circles is the point where two adjoining pentagons meet when turned “upright”(not quite vertical).
I completed the half-sphere, creating the other pentagons with the circular array command.
I created a point object at the center of one of the pentagons, and projected it to the sphere surface with the Pull command. From this projected point I drew lines to each of the pentagon points, and again used circular array to copy them to the other pentagons. The top point was created by intersecting a vertical line with the sphere surface (using Trim), from where the last five lines were constructed.
The end result :relaxed:

Sorry for the Buck… this really was not my will. :flushed:

Thanks for Your reply and Your discription of Your workflow. In the meantime i saw other Youtube vids about geodesic domes and Rhino and learned many new ways about Rhino to make this. I come from Archicad and did a similar Video some Years ago and tried to copy the Archicad-workflow here in Rhino. But Rhino has much more possible ways than Archicad.

I am always looking for ways to be most efficient in such works. So - my next step should be to apply a profile along the “mesh” - lines - not a pipe. I think in building-structures - so a profile for an curtain-glass-wall is in my mind.

something like this:


I still did not find any “automatic” way to let the profile follow the “curves” pointing at the middlepoint of the dome, so i think, i have to model the little parts by hand and have to copy it like the “glass”- faces. Maybe there is a Way in grasshopper to do this, but thats a far future for my lerning-point.

I think about the possible knot-points on the path curves - the sections needed - do get proper profile cuttings from one curve to another
and if this will ever be possible - its only not about one single curve… somthing for grasshopper and a mathematic-geometric genius…