3V Geodesic ball Tutorial or Suggestion

I’m a beginner on Rhino6. I’m too much struggling with the software.
But I need a foldable design of Pattern-4 geodesic ball from the polyhedron plugin with my specific radius.
No matter how I try I can not make anything else than just selecting the pattern then make a random sized geodesic!
Can anyone please any friendly soul would be kind enough to guide me or make a video on making a 3V geodesic dome with a user needed radius, give each triangle a thickness then unroll it to get a printable copy or to measure the vertex & bevelled angle to make my project?
I NEED to make a wooden geodesic ball for my project.

Please, my dear experts, help me. I’m feeling totally pissed off on me. :frowning:

I would start here: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/rhinopolyhedra

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I have seen this tutorial for more than 15 times I guess & tried hard to do the same. But from the beginning, I can not declare the edge length that has shown in the video, after hitting the ‘0’ the edge command doesn’t appear to my screen.
After that, with the move command, I can’t find the Mid snap to move the bottom edge to ‘0’.
I just can’t identify what wrong stupid things I have been doing.
Can u suggest something regarding mine problem?

I am feeling desperate that I can’t make a single 3V ball design, but still, I want to learn earned the skill of utilizing Rhino6 for my project.

Why it is showing that there is a relative tolerance=1? What should I do for it?

That is covered in this article: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/commands/unrollsrf.htm#DevelopableSurface

In you case it should not matter if all the panels are planar.

There are a ton of dome tutorial for grasshopper

The one I would look at is this one: Rhino Grasshopper Geodesic Domes with Polyhedra and Weaverbird

While Rhino Unroll may work well for you. There is also a secondary method using TT Corestudios Unfold routines

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Thanks! I’m going to check each & every detail you provided & provide feedback to you asap.