Learn clayoo may a bad idea?

With the end of T-splines the only Sub-D plug-in is Clayoo 2.5 but Mcneel is working in their own tools so this tools could be working in 1 or 2 years I hope less.

Rhino 6 is here I dont know if Clayoo is working with R6 someone know?

Well I’ve been watching some tutorials and really has a lot of interesting tools wich T-splines not, I think is a more powerfull but…

Is a good idea get in in the clayoo world? what do you think?

cause if Rhino launch their tools I definitely prefer works with native tools but maybe in a long long time.

What is your opinion?

I share your dilemma. This is how I’ve been thinking about it:

  • Do I have project work that could really benefit from some SubD inside Rhino right now? (Yes)

  • Is it important enough to pay $800, per seat? (Probably Yes)

  • Do I want to deal with another licensing system? (I’m really having a hard time justifying the trouble of not using the New Cloud Zoo for everything. If a plugin doesn’t use it it’s a really hard sell for me now having multiple computers and multiple users) (No, this might be the deal-breaker)

  • Do I think the software will continue to evolve once/if McNeel realeased a good SubD solution? Or am I ok if only continues to work without further refinement/bug fixing/development? (I’m not ok if it stalls at $900/seat, at $400-500 Yes)

  • Do I really think McNeel is going to have something useable in the next months? Year? Even in the next 3 years? …And without me having to spend dozens of hours (of otherwise client billable work) to explain why what they did so far is not good enough? Even making videos of competing software because they won’t look at anything on their own? (Sorry, yeah I’m frustrated by this part of their culture) (I think it will be a long time until they have something useful)

  • Do I like using Clayoo and it behaves well in my machine? Is it stable? Is their development or support team honest and responsive? (TBD)

  • Once Clayoo for V6 is out, will it also work in the V7 wip? (Because starting next week we will be on V7 wip builds. V6 is so 3 years ago :joy:) (if No, also a deal-breaker)

…in summary: I think It’s not a easy decision, and it would require some evaluation time. But I have a feeling that I might get Clayoo, if the eval is good enough. At least 1-2 seats.



Definitely is an amazing plug in even better than T-splines I have no doubt. I was thinking maybe that 2 to 6 months to get a nice workflow so if the next year launches another good sub-D plugin I’ll have to invert time again in get advanced skills in it.

For the moment is the only option, and is a very good option If Mcneel finally develope a Sub-d plugin must to be very very awesome they maybe just have to make a deal with TDM-Solution and standarize clayoo like Sub-D plugin is a little bit tedious working with a lot of different interfaces and always changing it.

The last thing what I want to see is Autodesk buy the Tdm solutions devepoment and again change all the rules of the game.

I’m going to start to evaluate Clayoo there is a free trial and a lot of free tutorials only We have to invert some valuable time, well at the end is almost the same technic.

Thinking in thecnics with the new features even I easyly could make my mesh in 3ds max and import it eventually If I have to mod something it will be a nighmare start over all, again.

I actually consider any time invested in learning a good subD workflow is very transferable to other subD solutions, so even if you switch later it will be fine.

Avoiding advancement of skills because software might change makes absolutely no sense in our industry. If you want to be good, and stay relevant you should embrace that change and new tools is the only constant. And as long as you don;t go into technical/financial dead-ends you will be fine. I know some dinosaurs that still use Alias because they did not want to learn anything else. They are not very marketable these days. Don’t be that dinosaur!

The only rules of the game ARE change. I don’t think ASDK will go after TDM’s parent company. it’s too much of a niche for them. But they could still stop development because rhino has its own solution.

Or Rhino’s solution could be like their rendering solution: decades have gone by and still makes sense to use plugins instead of what they have (personal opinion of course).

You can’t worry about what you can’t control. Focus on making awesome work and getting your clients happy so you are busy and you can buy whatever hardware/software that comes your way and makes sense.


Well “Alias” is up dated some tools of the t-splines team was added and a lot of people use go for automotive design.

Yes is part of the life adaptation I’m trying to get nice skills in this growing 3d world a lot of creative people developing amazing plugins, softwares etc, I’m in love of the course of design has taken and big thanks to McNeel team have changed everything ( Even I think Rhino native needs to be parametric ) grasshopper is absolutely fantastic It is just de beginning. :grin:

Yeah, that’s why I used the world dinasour. They use old software to design boxes that mostly run on fossil-fuel. We do a bit of work in that industry. Usually because we can help solve problems their usual roster of designers/modelers can’t, either iteration of complex models in SubD (stuff that would make Tsplines melt) and/or visual patterning challenges in Grasshopper.

Yeah it is an exciting time for sure!

Nice, could you share with me your works with sub-D modelling?

they were already bought out… Stuller , Inc. has acquired TDM Solutions , creators of RhinoGold

OMG! at least is a jewelry industry that maybe allow that alternative projects like clayoo RhinoNest stay in development

Stuller is the owner of both developing plugins for jewelry. Matrix (by Gemvision) and RhinoGold (by TDM Solutions).

In Matrix and RhinoGold either, Clayoo is included as the organic solution for modeling with SubD, Emboss and Sculpt, and in the last update, also with Grasshopper components.

For all of you worried about the development of Clayoo, (no matter when Rhino SubD comes), the development will continue :slight_smile:

Clayoo is also compatible with Rhino 6 and we will publish the Release Candidate soon.


Glad to read it, I’m going to start a trial version.

What about Rhino nest? is working in R6?

RhinoNest is not adapted to Rhino 6 yet, but we are working on it. We will release it as soon as it’s ready.

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I use Clayoo 2.6 and think it’s a good investment. It seems stable enough and certainly very powerful. I’ll admit I think their support/learning options could be better but that might come in time too. Online videos of Clayoo in action led me to my decision to purchase. It’s super fun IMO and I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be really useful in many types of workflow I agree with other comments on here that having SubD skills has to be a good thing…and just fyi…I have no connection to TDM solutions, this is just my 2 cents worth. :smile:

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I saw that, in my free time I’ll start with clayoo

@HEEN I just saw your post, RhinoNest for Rhino 6 is available :slight_smile:


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