T-Splines replacement

I have used T-Splines for many years and I rely on it for sub-D type modelling and integration with other sub-D programs with Rhino. I think it is an essential part of Rhino modelling. Since T-Splines is essentially no more after Autodesk discontinues support for it, I would like to know if there is a definitive replacement plugin that McNeel supports. Is TDM Solution’s Clayoo the only option? Will McNeel ever develop their own sub-D plugin that won’t get bought out by Autodesk someday? :wink:

I believe Clayoo is currently the only sub-d plug-in option for Rhino, or it will be when Rhino 6 arrives (T-Splines should continue to work in v5).

There are several threads on this forum discussing McNeel’s efforts to develop native sub-d tools for Rhino, you should find them with a search. My understanding is this is a long terms project and they won’t be included in Rhino 6.

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See here: https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/serengeti/sub-d