Rhino 7 and Clayoo

Currently, I’m working on Clayoo 2.6 as plug-in to the Rhino 6. If I upgrade to Rhino 7, will Clayoo work?

If you’re using Clayoo for SubD, Rhino 7 does SubD way better anyway.


T-SPLINES still better :relieved:

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Sub-D now better :slightly_smiling_face:

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subd is better than t-spline, but need more function, e.g. array symmetry, multi-symmetry

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There are a few missing functions that I hope will be high on the agenda during early R8 WIP development. Array symmetry and multi-symmetry seem like they’re jobs better suited to grasshopper, but I guess there’s no reason for them not to be available in Rhino.

The features Clayoo has that Rhino SubD lacks that I think are the most important to add are:

  • Multigumball
  • Knife (there are easy but slow workarounds for this in Rhino right now, though)
  • WYSIWYG preview, with sliders for adjusting the number of segments across and along when executing many SubD creation commands
  • I prefer Clayoo’s implementation of lofting and extruding degree 1 curves (Clayoo’s subdivisions across option splits each segment individually. This fits with “build in box mode” thinking)

With all of that said, Rhino SubD is still much, much better than Clayoo already for a number of reasons, the most dramatic being that Clayoo doesn’t play well with rhino osnaps, which is incredibly frustrating. I think it’s very unlikely, given how good native SubD is, that Clayoo will continue to exist for much longer. For sculpting, I expect zbrush - rhino workflows will continue to be much more popular, too.

Clayoo was a useful bridge for me, as I got back into using rhino professionally about a month after Autodesk nuked t-splines, but if I was TDM, I couldn’t see a rationale for continuing to develop it. I hope they at least offer legacy support for a while. I’ve found a workflow for converting Clayoo subD objects to Rhino SubD objects, but it’s somewhat tedious and seems to require a fair amount of manual repair on more complex objects.


Unfortunately Clayoo has no update for Rhino 7 by this time. On the other hand Rhino sub D currently(2022) has a very poor functionality. For example extrude is almost useless because it is supposed to go towards the surface normal but actually it’s going towards everywhere. Also in Clayoo (for example) you can decide for each face to have its own gumball which is absent in Rhino sub D. Overall Clayoo2.6 is way better than Rhino Sub-D except it lacks Multipipe in rhino sub D.

:smiley: :sweat_smile: lol Rhino7 is awesome, can’t wait till V8 release.