Layouts - View plan to CPlane in Layout view

Is there any way to orient layout view to defined CPlane? Like in windows version.

Start a new layout. Double click into “Model Space”. Pull down the View menu and select the standard view you want. Save. The layout will save oriented to the CPlane of this view.

If you want to orient a layout to a non-standard CPlane you can set view Plan to the CPlane and save the view to the Named Views Panel (View Menu/Set View/Show Named Views Panel). Then open the layout or start a new one and restore the saved view.

Many thanks! I’ve used combination od CPlane X-axis and Plan commands in layout-model view to get this result, but in OS X version - as layouts running in separate floating window - this Windows method does not working.

Is using the Named Views Panel to set non standard CPlane orientation for Layouts in Rhino for Mac working for you now?

Absolutely! Thank you.