Hot keys to default cPlane views

  • It seems there may be some way to set up saved cPlane views in a project that can be returned too when needed. If that’s possible, I’d want to have the top, front and side views readily available.

What I don’t find efficient is clicking into different view ports to access model details I want to modify.

It would be even more productive if such could be part of a template. Is there anyone that may have some advice on how this could be done?

Try using the named Cplane and Named views panels on the right next to object properties. You can then also use the File drop down menu>Save as template to create a template file available to you with these saved cplanes and/or views.

Try working with Aliases from within Settings.

Then type any of them and [ENTER] afterwards.

Good luck.

Strange but I don’t get an emailed when a comment is made despite having started the topic.

Anyway, I’ve assigned the standard ortho views to some function keys and this is working for me.

Thanks for the help

In preferences, under eMail, it says: “We’ll only email you if we haven’t seen you recently and you haven’t already seen the thing we’re emailing you about.” Didn’t you get a blue notification above your balloon either?

Oh, now I’ve found it. The frequency of notification was set to weekly. Thanks for that.

Hello there Brian!

I went ahead and purchased a license. Now I’m committed!

I wanted to revisit this topic and ask for a feature or method advice. I like to design / model in a single expanded window. I can get to the desired isometric views with some keystroke combos as per your advice, but what I’d like is to be able to do, is immediately rotate an object out of an iso position with a simple click and drag of the mouse. This method I suppose would simply default the viewport back to the perspective. Afterwards, when needed I could simply enter an assigned key(s) to get to an iso view again.

While some might ask why using an key combo to get to perspective is not good enough, I’d point out that while iso views are well-defined, the info required in the perspective view is varied and seldom consistent. Having to enter the perspective view and then manipulate the model to where it’s needed to be adds additional steps that add up over time.

This simple feature would make for a great deal of efficiency.

if you hold cmmd shift then right mouse, the viewport will rotate… the 3D view will still be parallel projected but it may do the trick you need.

is k.mode still a thing?

It is… under a different name (OneView) and still in progress- there are some other little tuneups to view setting that will become one with it, I hope.



Excellent! Thanks for the help.