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I am struggling with setting a CPlane inside a detail. If I use standard construction plane method, everything is fine, but as long as I use universal construction plane, I am unable to match/align the view in the detail with this CPlane. Meaning going inside the detail > selecting CPlane from the named CPlanes panel > running plan command = nothing happens. While using standard construction plane, view is aligned…

edit: I got a crash when trying to run plan command in Rhino7

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do. It sounds like the problem is specific to Layouts.

Be that the case, I suggest creating CPLANE in the model space. Create some temporary object in that CPLANE.

Then in your detail set the CPLANE to that object. Then you can either hide the object or delete it.

Hi, the problem is following:

1 - I have a geometry drawn in custom CPlane (call it CPlane 1)
2 - I switch to Universal CPlane mode in settings

3 - going to the layout, enter the detail and trying to set the custom CPlane 1, because I want to match the rectangle with the paper sheet

4 - when I try to activate the CPlane now, nothing happens, the World Top Cplane remains active, so I cannot match the view with the page
5 - I must go to the settings again, set Standard Cplane mode

6 - I go back to layout, click in the detail, now I can activate the custom made CPlane and after running command plan, the view aligns with the sheet

The problem here is, that while in universal construction plane mode, I am unable to activate custom made CPlane while in Layouts detail

any Ideas? @wim @dan

Hi Petumatr,
This is a bug in Rhino. It is already on the You Track system as RH-40676.
You can register on YouTrack and flow along with the progress of the bug.

This unwanted behavior shows up on both Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac, too.
We will let you know here on the Forum when this issue is fixed.

Thanks for reporting this.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

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