Layout viewport "locked"

Hi guys,

I’ve got a file with a layout page that somehow has it’s camera locked. I don’t mean a detail view, I mean the layout itself, the view of the page is somehow locked. Any ideas?

Sounds weird, yes. can you save a copy, delete geometry and post it here?

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have this problem on a project today. The layout’s locked - I can’t zoom or pan.
HEre it is, still locked-up with all geometry removed.:
layout3islocked.3dm (11.0 MB)

Reviving an old thread to add a potential workaround.

I have had this happen to me, where a viewport is stuck in a named view and cannot be zoomed, panned, or set to another view (like perspective) from a drop down menu. I have been able to get out of this by opening up Named Views and restoring a different view. I can then restore the original named view with the ability to pan, zoom, etc.

This seems to be a sporadic issue and I do not know the circumstances that trigger the locking. I am attaching an example here, with minimal geometry, saved without plugin data, under Rhino 6 SR19. The few times I have experienced this, I seem to recall using a named view, but that may just be a coincidence. When trying to pan, zoom, or change view on a “locked” viewport, the geometry flashes as if it is redrawing, just without any change in the camera position.

LockedView.3dm (304.8 KB)

Hello - hmmm - I see that… the named view (Water test) is locked but you need to restore the named view explicitly before it can be unlocked - none of this should matter to the camera as far as I know.


In case it is helpful tracking down the bug, only the one viewport is locked. The other viewports (selected by their tabs or through a 4 viewport layout) are fine.

RH-56223 is fixed in the latest WIP

Reviving this old thread. I was able to gain access to zoom and panning tool by copying the layout page.
Right click on page tab and click on “Move or Copy…”, then check Create a copy box at bottom of window. Voila! new layout should work. now just right click on old page and delete it.