Problems with NamedViews

Hi there,

I found a bug and a few things that could be improved with NamedViews:
-When I create a new NamedView with the “Create using widget…” icon, the last prompt asks for the lens lenght but the camera created has always a parallel projection. It makes little sense.
-When renaming a locked view, sometimes the “(Locked)” is kind of copied as a word instead of a properties so I end up with names like “Camera 01 (locked) (locked)” or “Camera 01 (locked)” where the camera is not locked anymore (old bug)
-When I manipulate the widget, I can’t undo the changes
-I should be able to link a viewport to the NamedView (manipulating the widget changes the view) without creating a floating viewport.
-I would like to organize the NamedViews panel in some way, maybe with folders. In some files I have about 60 cameras and I’d like to clean that.
-It would be cool that a NamedView could store the renderer image ratio information. Let’s say “Camera 01” was set with an image ratio of 1:1, it would restore this setting in the render properties when active. It means some talk between Rhino and the render engine but it’s not out of reach.
-When creating a floating viewport with “Edit by looking” it should have the correct aspect ratio, as defined in the Render options. I think it can work no matter which render engine is used; I use this script to toggle the safe frame:

-_RunScript (
Call SafeFrame
Sub SafeFrame()
Dim Vray
Set Vray = Rhino.GetPlugInObject ("V-Ray for Rhino")

If IsNull(Vray) Then
Rhino.Print "V-Ray for Rhino Scripting Plugin Not Loaded"
Exit Sub
End If

Dim imgW, imgH
Call Vray.GetRenderOutputSize (imgW, imgH)
Rhino.RenderResolution Array(imgW, imgH)
Rhino.Command "-_RenderSafeFrameOptions visible enter", False

End Sub


Hi Marc- I see that if the view where you are manipulating the widget is a parallel projection. I am not sure what should happen there exactly, but yeah it does not make a lot of sense to put in a number there.


Got that, thanks.


Where I pick (in an ortho viewport or not) should not influence the type of projection, it’s not at all intuitive.
I think that creating a view this way, the widget even looks like a camera, should always result in a perspective view. If you try it, you’ll see that the result is not usable anyway.

Hi Marc- Yeah, I see that it is not useful as is in a parallel view, I am just not sure how it should be - at the moment I’m thinking a Projection=Parallel/perspective/2PointPerspective command line option might be one way, and of course make it work right in a parallel projection.