Layout Printing

I know I’ve been asking the same question since the earliest versions of Rhino for Mac, but now that the interface is so tantalizingly close to the Rhino 5 Windows interface I was hoping someone could address my wish for Layout printing…

For many of us in the film industry Rhino has become the primary tool for set design and concept modeling, but sadly the Mac version has been unable to help us as we need to be able to print scale construction documents using the Layout command.

Can I hold out hope that this option will be added to a build soon? Or is there some technical hold up keeping layout out of the pipeline?

Thanks as always for all the hard work.


Printing will be the next area of focus, after which Layout can be addressed. Printing won’t be soon, but it should be next. I’ve already made a few attempts at this, but the core code is very Windows-centric and it requires changing a lot of the assumptions that are built into the core code.

Very much looking forward to this.

I just started learning rhino for Mac. Looks very promising. I plan to use it as my primary 3d-CAD design tool. Drifting from microstation (since 1998) through Autodesk Inventor to rhino.
I’m also very much looking forward to see Layouts implemented in rhino.

Please see this Wiki page… --Mitch

Layouts won’t be in the first version? Very disappointing as they are crucial for architectural work. Is there any way to lodge an official protest? :wink:

It’s been noted.
The Mac Rhino Wiki page has the other important details you need to know about what will and will not be in the initial release.

Hi Marlin,
Very sad to see that the print and layout interface will not be in the Mac Rhino release. Again, this is a crucial part of the pipeline for many users.

Very much appreciate all the work you’ve done to port the software over, but sadly I have been asking about this since the very first version of the WIP. I hope that the technical hurdle can be overcome sometime in the near future.

I’ve been a Rhino user since the very first Rhino 1.0 was shipped but work exclusively on Mac these days The only reason that I continue to dual boot over to Windows is for the print capabilities in Rhino 5. I can’t wait for the day that I no longer need to have two operating systems!


It will be done.
We were faced with never releasing Mac Rhino, or drawing a line through the features so we could get it released, and work on the missing features like Layouts after initial release.
Since Rhino was originally intended for Industrial Designers, this is where we decided to draw the line through the unfinished features. Without Layouts, Rhino is not very useful for architects, but not critical for Industrial designers.
That’s why Layouts are not on the initial release side of the line.


Appreciate the update… would be great to see that info in the release notes!


The effect of that choice is plastered all over the Mac Rhino pages.
We find that explaining why we choose what we do just causes churn, heated discussion, and frustration that distract us away from working on the tools.