Mac users need Layout and Live Drawings! Can Layout be made a priority for the 5.2 release?

As a Mac user, I really appreciate that Rhino runs on the Mac.

And the fact that it has been released and I have bought a commercial license.

I keep using a different program which has a Layout feature. It saves me time by keeping everything in the same ecosystem and having “live” drawings. Saving time=efficiency=spend more time doing other tasks including playing a ukulele with my nine year old. Who can argue with the last goal!

Can Layout be made a priority for the 5.2 release?

If not, how many voices do you need to speak out for the timely addition crucial feature.

Please let us know. I know that I am not the only one looking for Layout in Mac Rhino.




It already is. Layout is in development right now.


Is there an ETA for the release of the 5.2 beta?


No, not yet unfortunately. The upcoming RhinoWIP will not contain Layouts. As soon as we have something to test, you’ll know about it.

inplace block editing, please :wink:

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Yes, please consider in place block editing.

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Construction plane independent guide lines as shown here. They will snap, can be snapped too, can be placed by eye or dimensional input, saved or deleted as needed, and do not appear in the model outside of the modeling environment. :grinning:

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Layout features are now available in Rhino 5 for Mac Update 5.2.


Hopefully this makes it into a release soon, as now for using Rhino for sending out models for fabricators is very limited as it doesn’t have any way to control the scaling of the views.

If you select a Layout Details on your layouts, in the right-hand sidebar, in the Properties tab, you can set the scale of the view…


Are you looking for something different?

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