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I’m encouraged that Rhino for Mac will be released soon, but am wondering why the Layout feature will not be implemented in the initial release.

Is there a strategy to implement Layouts in future releases? and if so, when?


The best details I have for this can be found here:

There is a strategy being formulated for implementing Layouts in an update in the 5.x release cycle. We don’t yet have a good timeline for this. At the moment, we are focused on the Plugin architecture.

Hi Dan,
do you have a better timeline for this feature?

Unfortunately, I do not have a better timeline.

I can say how it will likely go: you will likely see layout feature(s) announced on this forum first, but only appearing in the RhinoWIP for a time while they get tested. And, just to be redundant: when this will happen is not clear. When we know, we will let everyone here on discourse know.

This is absolutely O.K. for me :smiley: In the meantime i’ll get familiar with the Windows version of Rhino 5.x… I think the Layouts feature is a killer feature. Yesterday i learned a lot from Mary…

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I´ll hav a look at it. Didn´t use them a lot (until now?).


Thanks, @jesfro !

Hi Uli,
long time no see :smiley:
You definitely have to use layouts!

Correct. :grimacing: :grin: :grimacing:

Please see the latest RhinoWIP

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Perfect, first try, very nice window, separate from editor is a useful method.
First idea is to be able, to create folders for layout to organize them

Thank you for these release

Hi Dan,

great, I love the new layout feature in Rhino for Mac Wip 5.2. Here a quick test with my notations

  • importing “2D drawing frames” imports to 3D world not to active layout
  • dragging details directly doesn’t move gumball
  • new layout: selected printer doesn’t show/recognize here the paper sizes
  • some translations are still missing for e.g.: Portrait, Landscape, Width, Height,…

And here a test picture:

Thank you very much and have a nice day


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Hi Dan,
is there an overview - apart from the windows PDF & Marys’ video - on how to use the layout feature?

Not a Mac specific tutorial yet as the tool is still evolving.

Thanks for the reply John, just having a little difficulty getting my head round the differences in the UI for the commands/operations.

This behavior is in core Rhino and so Mac Rhino behaves the same as Windows Rhino here.

This behavior is in core Rhino and so Mac Rhino behaves the same as Windows Rhino here.

This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

The new features will be translated before Rhino for Mac 5.2 is officially released.

I’m new to Layouts, did you draw your border and title/info blocks? Thanks!

Is there any intro on how to use layouts?


That is not something that comes with Rhino, so, yes, you need to draw these yourself (or import from a file that has those).

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Where are you getting stuck?
Did you watch the intro that Mary Fugier posted on Vimeo? It’s for the Windows version but should still help.