Layouts in Mac

So having spent the last few days testing the Layouts feature in MacRhino (WIP 5C185w) and successfully produced production ready drawings, I have a few comments /questions/ suggestions.

  1. Have had a major issue with trying to get the OSX pdf printing working properly ( had to install a workaround : pdfwriter as a virtual printer ( but still can’t control the resolution on that) ).
    The ideal would be to be able to save to pdf in Vector (i.e. scalable) format via the OSX pdf generator or to control the resolution in Raster pdf.
    : The raster prints pretty bad angled lines but means you can see picture frame surfaces.
    : The vector prints good scalable lines but no picture frame surfaces… (e.g. company logo or rendered snapshots from other models. The vector mode also sticks some text (in some dimensions and general text) not where one would expect it.)

  2. It would be good to have the standard command sidebar and osnap options in the layout window. (Maybe views as tabs at the bottom ?)

  3. Would be good to be able to export layout view to illustrator as well.

There are probably some other issues / suggestions that will come to me and will update accordingly .

Overall really appreciate the work that you guys have done in building it into the WIP (and mac in general)