Layout printing improvements


I would like to recommend some improvement for the layout printing.

  1. Add all properties available in the print window into the layout properties. This way, each time we need to print a specific layout, all the properties would be set corresponding to them in the layout properties. From there the user could customize the printing properties if needed. I say this, because actually if I set for example 36 x 24 inches in the layout properties and select printer to “none”, the print window will always use the last settings, which can be really frustrating when you need to print many layout with different size and setup…

  2. Add the possibility the print “Detail View” only. Actually, I’m using “Window > Set” in the View and Output Scale tab, but I need to drag over the detail view min, max corners and then adjust the printing dimensions…

Thanks for reading

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Hi Sideprojeck- thanks for the feedback, I’ll add your comments to the heap:

These items are not visible to the public, yet.


A minor addition to the wish list:

I use the C# component in Grasshopper to print some drawings, via the RunScript method.

Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript("-Print Setup View ViewportArea Viewport Scale 1 Enter Destination PageSize 209.889 297.053 Enter Enter Enter", false);

I set the page size to make sure that it is A4 Portrait orientation, to avoid using the last printer settings (similar to point 1 by sideprojeck). Anyway, it would be nice to be able to just set this by entering A4 and Portrait (or other desired page sizes/orientations) instead of entering the actual width and height.

[Unless this is already possible and I just didn’t know about it]


I will add some other additions to my first post:

I said all properties available in the Print Window should be added to the layout properties. In fact, some cannot be added (or would be strange to see), like “Multiple Layouts” and “All layout”. So I would suggess something like this.

When using the selected layout tab to print (right-click on the selected layout tab, then print…). The selected layout would be automatically checked in the views list and the other unchecked. From we could add more views to print if needed.

It could be interested to be able to save the checked views as a preset.

Another option I would like to see in the View(s) to print tab would be, “print in the same file” (if multiple page is supported for the output type) or “print each view as a single file”. This will require a way to customise and automate the output filename pattern. I think you can refer to Adobe After Effects’s “Render Queue” as a starting reference.

Overall, I think that this tool needs to be oriented as a kind of “multi-purpose batch render”. It would be awersome, if the same interface could be use to print view(s), save view(s) as image file(s), render view(s), etc. Any output would pass and be controlled there…

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