Print properties of layout

For a new sheet I have set up the layout properties (printer and sheet-size) and the details etc. of a sheet.
When I want to print I have to setup the sheet size again. Is it possible to pass over the sheet size in the layout properties to the print dialog? So I don’t have to set it up again. Or am I missing some setting?

For one sheet it’s not a big deal, but for a set of sheets it’s frustrating.

In my everyday template which I use, sheet size for layouts is there at 11 X 17’’ So is the printer or plotter that I normally use.

Set what it is you want up, not just the layout size but views, text height etc. And then save as a template. This should get you what you want

Ok I will try that in my template, but with different sheet sizes in portrait and landscape. I hope that if I make a copy of a standard sheet the plotter settings will copy as well.