Change -Print Setting to Landscape

I am attempting to write a python script which runs the print dialog menu using -_Print.
When using -_Print there is no way to change the from landscape to portrait pages. It is possible to input a new page size, and if there is a page size already set up in landscape for the printer you are attempting to use, it will work. However, one of the printers I am using will not let me setup a page size that is wider than it is tall. When I change the paper size to Width=11 inches, Height=8.5 inches, it will flip to an 8.5x11 portrait page. If I click through the dialog box I can change from portrait to landscape but I am unable to do using a script. I also wonder if it is possible to setup settings using rhinocommon instead of rs.command("-Print")
If an one has any advise on this topic please let me know.

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@stevebaer, any ideas here?

Had somewhat of a similar issue. Though luckily for me, I only had to print to pdf, so didn’t have any trouble with actual printers.

I know its not exactly what you’re looking for, @5chmidt, but maybe you can print to pdf first with the desired page dimensions, like I did? Until someone fixes this issue, i.e.

Additionally I have found no way to specify the number of copies printed.

Of course it is possible to loop through the print script the desired number of times in order to achieve multiple copies of the same print, but with each print Rhino has to go through the rasterization progress window for every print rather than rasterizing once and prints multiple copies.

It would be great if there was some way to gain access to the Print setup functions inside the popup window, with either python or RhinoCommon.


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Hate to bring up the dead…

But has any of these been added to rhinocommon?

My work… thought it was a GREAT idea to NOT use layouts… yea… I know…

So instead, we have to set the viewport during printing. It’s stupid, I know. I’ve told them I can automate printing, as we have to print 4 different times, if we use layouts… like everyone else on the planet lol. But my manager is the WORST about new ideas.

So has anything been opened for us to use in rhinocommon during the print options menu?

Thanks :slight_smile:

again, hate to raise the dead here

Any progress on that @stevebaer ?

Hi @tahirhan,

I don’t see a tracking issue for this, so I have created one.

– Dale

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I started a script to set up a layout, maybe that can be evolved. I’ll try to remember to find it tomorrow.

Hi @dale,

I managed to solve this by rotating viewport, but it would be nice to have option for printing. Thanks !