Print / layout page sizes

A few notes / wishes about printing and layout page sizes.

If I set a print size on one layout (not the layout properties, but print -> Size), that should not carry over to any other layout, it should only affect the current layout sheet. I would argue that almost all print settings should not carry over from sheet to sheet, including changing printer, but I understand that might be more controversial. We often have a mix of pages in a file which might be 11x17 Arch D, and Arch E1, it becomes a pain to constantly have to reset paper sizes, and the printer that handles them.

Can Arch E1 (30" x 42") be added to both the Layout Properties size pull down and to Rhino PDF?

When setting the layout size under Layout Properties, a lot of the sheet sizes are just a touch off. For instance, over here Arch D shows as 36.0 x 23.996063, which functionally doesn’t really affect anything, but is odd to see.


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Hi Sam - what should happen when printing multiple layouts? I guess each would honor its own settings then, right, I don’t see any other way that makes sense. And presumably the model space would also have its own.



That would my thought, yes.


Yes :+1: