Layout functionallity

In the V7 it is seems not possible to print (or generate a PDF) from multiple layouts. Am I wrong or is this an intentionally step back.

Hi Rinus - that should work as in V6, I believe - do you not see the setting or does it simply not work?



On my system it looks like this; no option to select all Layout-tabs. Under “View” I could only select the 4 modelspace tabs and the current layout tab. The drawing does consist 5 different layouts tabs.

This is posted in the Rhino for Windows category, not sure this function is available in Rhino for Mac WIP.

Your correct… it’s about the V7 for Mac… could any moderator put it in the proper category?

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Hoi Rinus -
On Rhino 7 for Mac, you need to use the “Rhino PDF” exporter and not the macOS PDF writer.
You can do this by selecting everything on a layout and then running Export. Then pick PDF and you’ll get options to export multiple layouts.

Thanks for your help; generating a Multi-layout PDF is actually what I was looking for!