Rhino 7 mac Layout Batch Print


is there a function in the brandnew Rhino 7 mac where I can print several layouts in one pdf document?

Let’s say I have 10 A3 Layouts and want to make one pdf out of it? Is there a direct way of doing that?

Another question which comes to my mind is when I go to File>Export I can export the file but I cannot chose the file type…

Hi -

Yes. Or, at least, somewhat direct…

If you select a detail on a layout and run Export (i.e. not go to File > Export), it appears that you still can’t chose the file type but … this time, the file type is “PDF”. In the Export PDF dialog box, you can then select the layouts that you want to export to one PDF document.
Most of that looks buggy, I’ll get it on the list.

Added to the existing item RH-61670.

Hi there,
is there a native way how to create separate PDFs?