Rhino 7, Layout export pdf

Hi Everyone,

I am recently using Rhino 7, I love it, it’s amazing.
I am trying to export a single pdf made out of 3 layouts. I am simply using the print option and save as pdf but i can only save pdf one by one. Is there a way to export in one pdf or should i export pdf one by one and combine them after? (not ideal…)
(I am on the mac version)

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If you print “All” or an inclusive range, I think V7 makes multi-page PDFs.

You mean when it prompt the print menu? there was only the selected page displayed.
At the end I selected all the pages in the layout panel and selected print in the little drop down menu with the little gear icon and it worked!

Hi Jean -

That was an interesting find!

To make use of the Rhino PDF printer (as opposed to the standard macOS PDF printer that is used when you “print”), you can use the ExportAll command. That will also let you pick which layouts you want to print.

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Nice, didn’t know that one. It’s probably the correct way to do, i feel like the macos pdf was a bit DIY…