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Hi there,

Is there a way to temporarily turn off details while viewing them on layouts? So before experting, to not have the detail outline visible? (Kind of like an indesign preview mode, where WYSIWYG)

My work around is to set the outer line to white (assuming you have your page background to white). It leads to a good WYSIWYG setup I think.

Perfect. Didn’t realise it had object colour for some reason.

I don’t suppose you know how i could ‘rotate the view’ of a detail too? I can’t seem to manage it with my standard rotateview command. So rotate the view into modelspace, rather than rotating the objects.

Hmm, I seem to think that the gumball can do it, but I could be wrong.

If you keep all your details on one layer you can controll the Display colour in one place :slight_smile:

Good idea.

So rotateview will let me get through all orthographic views, but not ‘twist’ an orthographic view basically.

The workaround (kinda, I mean it’s the ‘direct’ way to be fair) is change the rotation value in the camera properties. Odd that ‘RotateCamera’ command doesn’t actually let you change that value either.

Hi Jonathan -

If I understand what you are asking, you could rotate (or reassign X and Y) the CPlane and then use Plan to align the view with the CPlane.

Yeah that sounds right. Just using the rotation value got me there too more elegantly.

Should the rotatecamera command not affect the camera rotation value in properties though? Just curious.

I only know to change that camera rotation properties value, because it is something a 3D mouse always affects (so giving someone a file where I have used a 3d mouse will have a weird camera rotation when they open it up. They just have to zero that out).

I have a macro called Do90 which is RotateView A 90 L Enter, I wonder why that doesn’t work in that layout context.

Hi Wim,

Also, I wonder if this is a bug. I have my details set to Display: Black and Print: White. Then when I use PrintDisplay ( State=On Color=Print LayoutLinetypes=On ), the detail edges are still coloured in black.

Hi Jonathan -

That macro seems to work as expected here.

It looks like the PrintDisplay command overlooks both the Print Width and Print Color properties of a detail object. I have added a comment about that in the open item RH-47864.

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