WISH - Rotate Details


I would like the ability to rotate a detail and the view also rotates. An example - I draw a rectangle with the long axis being X. I set up a layout and detail to show that object, my detail box is also rectangular to fit my model space geometry. I want to rotate my detail view from landscape to portrait to fit additional views on my layout. When I do this I have to go into model space and rotate my geometry there ( the rectangle) for it to display properly in the rotated detail which either means I have to make a copy of it strictly for making a layout or possibly worry about rotating it in place throwing off other parts of the model space geometry.

Is this possible to do?



When you’re in the model space view in a detail, you can rotate the view by pressing Ctrl-Alt right or left arrow.
In the Display Properties pane for the Detail, under Camera, you can set the rotation to 90 degrees, for example
I thought there was also a command to do that but I don’t find one now.

Did you try TiltView command?

TiltView worked perfectly - Haven’t used that command before, Thanks!!

I just noticed TiltView skews the view even if I am in a parallel camera setting - is this the expected behavior?