Rotate layout Detail / Window

is there any chance of rotating a Layout window in the Layout space without rotating its content.
I made a drawing in modelspace which is upside down (it is a section relatet to a floorplan, which needs to be upside down so that I can project lines etc into the saction).
To print in the right direction in Layoutspace, I want to rotate the “layout Detail / Window”, but it doesn’t rotate its content. It just stays upside down. I hope my issue is understandable and there is a possibility to solve the problem.
Thanks for any help…


you mean something like this ?
3d-view in modelling-space

upside down in Detail:

(1) if yes:
in Model-Space / Perspective:
create a _cplane for example with 3 Points
the cplane will represent the way you want to look at the object
use namedCplane to save this c-plane “upsidedown”

now in layout
double-click the detail, and set the c-plane inside the detail to “upsidedown”.
while the detail still active
now use the properties Panel to set the desired scaling.

(2) if no:
post your file and some sketches that demonstrate what you want to do.

(3) alternative:
make a copy of the geometry on a separate layer - everything you want to print, use transformations like mirror, rotate, orient to get the desired position / view
use hideLayersInDetail to show only the transformed geometry

kind regards -tom

Using the “Bottom” view seems a lot easier to achieve this…but I am guessing the topic starter will have found a way by now (3 years later…)

You can also use _TiltView to adjust the detail views.

That’s the one -

_TiltView _Angle 180