Details really needs a rotation setting

On many projects I need a rotated detail so certain lines are horisontal or vertical, and with the current implementation I have to eye-ball rotate the camera with Shift-Alt RMB but that isn’t very good as it never becomes 100% correct.

And I can not set the camera rotation, I can only read it out:

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@Holo, i can be done if you turn on the camera in eg. your top view which is used later in the detail. Once the camera is on for that top view, go to a perspective viewport, select the three camera points in the camera frame and relocate the gumball to the camera target. Now enter your rotation (using the gumball widget) and save this view eg. using the name “rotated”.

Finally make the detail view active in the layout, then switch to the “rotated” view.

EDIT: it also works just by double clicking the detail and entering the camera rotation in case if you know the angle in degrees:


Ok, so it was fixed in V6?
I made a script to solve this in V5.

I’ll test out the V6 version when I have some time on my hand.

Hi @Holo, seems to work in V5 as well in the context menu if you know the angle:

I’ve entered it in the “Rotation” field in the active Detail.


That messed up here. But I manually rotated the view in the detail first, so maybe that caused some bugs.

Oh, and by the way!
I would like it even better if it was possible to rotate the actual detail and not only the detail’s camera.

Ok, revisited some old posts and TiltView does the job correctly in V5.
It is not intuitive and a hacky workaround, but in case somebody else searches the forum then at least they can find a way to get the job done.

Hi Jørgen,

I align my cplane the way I’d like to have the view and then run the _Plan command.


I use ALT + SHIFT + RMB … if you move the mouse farer away from the rotation center it seems to snap to increments too.


Hi clement, sure eyeballing it is good and with increments it can do the job, but it’s not always accurate enough (like now that I needed 55.6 degrees)

In this case, entering the angle under Rotation in the RMB (Viewport properties) dialog may do the job too.


To do this I simply set my cplane in the detail to the orientation i need then set the view to plan and the view shifts to the correct orientation for my cplane.