Layout Details: creating object for single detail only

This is for v5, but can probably apply to v6:
I’m working in a layout detail and want to create objects that are visible in that detail ONLY. Is there a quick slick way to do this?

Ex: Layout populated with details, I want one detail to have some dims but of course when I add them there, they show up in all of the other details as well unless I wrestle them in all of the myriad of ways we’ve all learned over the years.

You can control this by Hide/Show Layers in Detail in the Layer dialog.

Thank you but I know all about hidelayersindetail. This tool is great but no good when there are dozens or more details that have to be made current for this to apply to.

I’m looking for something like how clipping planes can be active for only selected details. Interesting how clipping planes can be treated like this, but no other object.

Control of Visibility in View by UserText would be interesting.

Hi - for that specific example, the recommended workflow is to add dimensions on the layout.

This works in some case but not others. Also dims are just one example of course. What about adding an object (mesh, surface, whatever) in a scene, we only want showing in one detail. It will show in all other details. PIA.

One workaround I’m looking at is having a blank dummy layer with default visibility at off before all details are created. Then when we need to pop in a new object it gets put on that layer, and that layer turned on in that detail only.