Layers window can not be closed and app freeze


I am not able to close Layers window after any layer visibility change. When i tap anywhere in the menu bar the app freeze. Tapping into model space does the same - nothing and app freeze.

I am on iPad Pro 10.5” last iOS release 11.2.2

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I have the exact same problem. Is there a software update for iRino coming to address this problem? It currently makes the software worthless for me

Same problem on iPad Pro 9.7

Thank you for reporting this. I can see this too. That is indeed a major bug.

Logged in IR-538.

I’ll work on fixing this ASAP.


I believe I have fixed this issue in the 2.2.4 update to iRhino 3D now available on the iOS App Store. Please give it a try.

I’m sorry about this bug and thanks to those that reported it quickly.

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@dan updated to 2.2.4 version, on an Ipad iOS 11.1.2 I can’t see layers list!

I’m sorry to hear that news @enzo_molinari. I’m unable to reproduce this on my end. I am able to open the layers popover without issue.

I can’t see layers list!

What, precisely, are you experiencing? Do you tap the layer icon and nothing happens? Do you tap the icon, but the popover appears and is empty?

Does this happen with all models?
Which iPad (model number) are you using?

hi @dan, i can see the layers window only on the sample models on my Apple iPad Air 2 (mggx2ty/a).

this is how my models looks like…

starting from rhino layers …

layers rhino

what i’m doing wrong?

Ah, thank you for clarifying. This seems like a separate bug. If you are willing to share the file, I can try to debug it on my end.

thank you @dan, just uploaded here…

Thanks Enzo! I see the file and I will investigate this and see what is going wrong.

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Hi, I think it is because iRhino does not support sub-layers. I contended with it too and found out, that only first level of layers are displayed in iRhino.

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This is indeed a current limitation :frowning: IR-438 I need to fix that. But I still need to verify if this is what enzo is reporting or not. More on that in a bit.

you’re right @PiT_79, putting everything at base level it works!