Potential regression on iPad

The problem I pointed out by this thread - when the “Layers panel didn’t want to close and app freeze” - is solved. Thank you Dan.

But I noticed that the app freezes now when i want to go back to Models screen by touching the top left button “Models”. To choose another scene/model i sadly need to kill the app first and then re-launch.

Thanks for reporting this. I’m not able to reproduce this in iRhino 3D 2.2.4 on iPad Pro (iOS 11.2.5) or with any of the various iPad simulators.

What device and version of iOS are you using?

Just so we’re on the same page, here are the steps I’m taking to attempt to reproduce your crash:

  1. Open a model on the iPad Pro (iOS 11.2.5)
  2. View the layers popover.
  3. Tap the Models > button to return to the models screen.

This is working as expected for me. I suspect you may be on an older version of iOS and I might have caused a regression there.