Basecamp support for iRhino

hi iRhino team,

Yesterday I went to see a client to review design changes to a product we are designing. Along with the model I asked my team to post a RHino file of the concept the client had chosen so I could annotate on the iPad the things we were discussing in the physical model. We failed.

Let’s start with the 2 bugs:

I clicked on my .3dm posted in our internal Basecamp (our collaboration platform) and when to open with and chose iRhiono and the file never opened. iRhino launched but it was just an empty viewport. we used notes, and photos instead so no big deal, but iRhino didn’t work. Later in the evening I tried at home, by saving the file to FIles app, and then opening it from there the .3dm file did open, so, bug 1: it seems like the ‘open with…’ functionality is broken.

another broken thing: wireframe and shaded views look fine, but in rendered view, a few of the parts look as a completely flat gray color, almost like a mask, with no shading. I opened the file later on desktop and I can see that this is happening in materials with environmental maps assigned (basically the Auxpecker way to show fast materials in the viewport without having to use your materials/material editor):

so, bug 2: materials with environment map assigned render as a flat single color.

Now let’s talk about feature requests:

FR 1: I think it would be very useful to change the colors of selected parts in iRhino, if you select in shaded/wireframe view. Same for the diffuse RBG value of material if you select in rendered view.

FR 2. Having the pencil annotations stored w/ each view is really handy, but only if you can save that back with the file and then be able to see those pencil annotations in RHino on the desktop. So you, or a colleague, can later implement all those notes into modeling/design changes.

The performance of iRhino on the new iPad Pro is fantastic with heavy models, so thanks so much for that, this app will become really useful someday.


Sorry to hear that; we’re just getting started though and we should be able to knock off some of bugs/feature requests on almost a weekly basis.

I know we’ve gotten this to work with some systems like Google drive and iCloud. I’m not familiar with BaseCamp; is this an app that you install on your iPad? We’ll probably need to get a bug report set up so with this information so we know how to repeat it.

We were questioning even providing a rendered view option at this point since there are still plenty of rendered mode features not working at all. If the 3dm file looks good in the current Mac Rhino WIP with metal enabled, then there is some subtle difference that we need to adjust for in iRhino. Feel free to post a simple sample 3dm file that isn’t working and we’ll get this on the list to fix.

Are you just looking for a way to change the default color for selected objects from yellow to something else like we have in the rhino color options?

You can save these markups as images to your photos for now. We’re still trying to figure out the best workflow as well as what would make sense for “for charge” features. Saving 3dm files would definitely fall into the category of something that we would charge for as this follows along with what we do with the desktop evaluation version.

Thanks, we’re getting there. As more metal display features are added to Mac Rhino 8 they should show up in iRhino as well. I would expect iRhino to support things like rendered, arctic and technical display in a few months.

hi @stevebaer,

Thanks for your reply.

Re:Basecamp. It’s not loke a network drive volume with an API, but rather just a browser based interface with attachments posted online, just like you an do here on discourse.

I made public page for you to test accessing fro your phone, iPhone and if you click on the .3dm you will be able to see that once you download it you are not able to ‘open with…’ iRhino, which is all I’m trying to do:

I think getting to that .3dm from that linked Basecamp public page should not be much different that accessing the same file form here:

test_irhino_primitives_01_gf_221115.3dm (6.7 MB)

this is how shaded and rendered look on Windows.

No plans to run Macs until I can run Solidworks, Unreal, full Grasshopper, and be able to build multi 3090 RTXs workstations, so probably not this decade. But it’s great to know that macs can show similar things than what we will see in Windows and on iPads, since we create in Windows, our clients consume in Macs.

Charge me away, please, but we need to ensure a colleague can see later those annotations back in Windows later. Maybe this might be your first product to try a subscription model.

no, I mean the color of the objects when not selected, just like if I go to object/layer properties and I change the color of one of the the red object above from red to blue. Scenario: in the middle of a call with client: “ok these parts now blue are the ones we are going to CNC machine” (and I go click, click click and change 3 parts to blue color)



Here I went ahead and downloaded the .3dm I had posted above and as you can see when I go to open in… after download and I choose iRhino it opens and empty file: iCloud (iCloud link since a 20mb is too large to post here, because discourse is running on a 2002 mindset apparently)

Here’s how shaded view looks like on iPad (Good);

Here’s how Rendered view looks like on iPad (bad):

Hi @gustojunk ,
I just tried opening your link from Safari on my iPad and it opened the downloaded file in iRhino. See:

The issue you’re having could be a Chrome related one. I’ll dig more to see if I can find anything.

I filed your other request for changing object color here, I should be able to get to it in the next couple of days:

I see what the problem is with opening files from URL. It only works if iRhino app is already open.
I should be able to fix this.

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Thanks for looking into this Morteza. In the meantime I’ll make sure I launch iRhino first.


We just released an update (version 8.0.22334) that should have this issue fixed

Latest iRhino3D WIP from testflight has this feature implemented. Give it a try.