iPad viewer

I use rhino5 for Mac with great success. I have been trying to use the iPad viewer to discuss projects with other stakeholders, but I am unable to set the .3d file such that the layers are used in the viewer in the way they are set in the rhino file. Is there some instructions on using the viewer, or configuration of the rhino file to be able to view the layers as per the rhino model?

Also having this problem with iRhino on the iPhone. The model imports fine but there is only one layer (the active layer) showing in the layers panel. So cannot turn on and off the model parts.

There a number of known bugs with Layers in iRhino 3D. Perhaps you are experiencing one of these.

If not, please attach the file and I’ll see if I can reproduce what you are seeing on my end.

In my simplistic tests, I was able to enable/disable layers in a model.