Layer panel refresh regression

When toggling the layer visibility, the layer panel gets refreshed, which also leads to unwanted scrolling of the panel. Very annoying.
This does not happen in R6.

Hello - checking this, thanks.
@Eugen - I do not see this happening here - I may need more specific instructions ‘for dummies’
I added a lot of layers and scrolled the view toward the bottom - I had one layer highlighted. I toggled Layers off and back on and the same view was in the panel - the highlighted layer in the same location and view.


Please check out this file
test layer panel.7z (9.9 MB)
where this happens. Could not repro it in a fresh scene.

Hi Eugen -
I wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior that you described with this file on 7.0.20271.2200.
I opened the file, then scrolled to the bottom of the layers list and clicked the lightbulb for the 2M_TSMS_P layer off and back on. There was no scrolling of the layer list.
Are you doing something differently or have any non-standard plug-in installed?

Hello! Thanks for looking into this!
My plugins are VisualArq, VRay, Enscape3d. Can this be related? Will try again later.

I’m getting the same thing on 7.0.20266.15205
I can’t share the file that’s causing it (700 layers and 460MB) but so far I can’t reproduce it in a new file. It seems to be intermittent even in the problem file, I’m trying to figure out the conditions that cause it.