Flickering ViewProperties Panel

Latest WIP (8/817): The ViewProperties panel content (when nothing is selected) is constantly flickering over here with every view change. Wondering if anyone else is seeing that.


i see that too with 6.0.17230.2521. It seems to happen here only when the scrollbar on the right side is displayed in the properties panel as shown below.

if i drag the properties panel larger at the bottom handle and the scrollbar goes away, the flickering is gone too.


Good catch Clement. Flickers only with scrollbar visible. Latest WIP, too.

I have reported this as RH-40897. Thanks for finding!

Just about to report this when I saw it’s already been discovered…

However, the fact that this will only be fixed in 6.1 and not in the initial 6.0 release is not very reassuring, this looks really bad and I would hate to see this kind of glitchy display go out in any RTM version of Rhino. --Mitch

Agree! Almost always have the panel with scrollbar and currently it is very distracting.