Color Picker Request

Please add the old color picker panel with a list of default colors and the color wheel in a single panel as an option, preferably the default option, to the revised color picker. I want/need to be able to pick from the old list of default colors and then customize colors without having to switch panels.


Hi David - I’ve added your comment to RH-58731.

Hi David, how many colors do you usually pick from when using the color list? Have you seen the color wells at the bottom of the color picker that let you put the colors you use most at your fingertips - and they’re always visible regardless of the other color picker controls you select?

@brian I usually use most of the standard colors of the old color pickers, and frequently customize them. I occasionally look at the RGB values also. I saw the wells at the bottom of the color picker. They are not a substitute for a set of widely differentiated colors.

Is there a fundamental reason not to include the old color picker panel as one of the numerous options?

I saw the previous threads about revisions to the color picker but ignored them because I was satisfied with the status quo. This change appears to me to be an example of what can happen when the input leading to a change comes from a small subset of users who have specialized desires/needs. The effect of the change on other users is not heard. Listening and responding to users it great. The problem occurs when only the loudest users are heard and considered.

I think if you make the color picker window larger you’ll get the list you are looking for.

Oho, nvm, I hadn’t realised it had changed again. :open_mouth:

it seems to be now in the list of colour types


The list of colors is there, but the color wheel is in a different panel. I want both the list of colors and the color wheel to be in the one panel, like has it has been for a very long time. I do not understand why the old interface was eliminated when a selection of other interfaces were added.


OK, we’ve added and are considering some other options.

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Will I be able to see the youtrack request at some point in the future?

Yep, it’s open now - sorry, I meant for it to be public.